Kitty uses two of her nine lives

sp89090  Injured cat Kitty at R S P C A pictured with Laura Dalton
sp89090 Injured cat Kitty at R S P C A pictured with Laura Dalton
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THIS cute cat is looking for a new home after using up two of her nine lives in two separate road accidents.

Kitty was brought into the Chesterfield branch of the RSPCA as a stray last December after she had been involved in a road accident. She had suffered a number of injuries, including a broken jaw.

Her jaw, was successfully operated on and wired up as part of the healing process and, following weeks of cage rest, she was eventually rehomed.

But just a few weeks later she was back at the centre after being involved in another road accident, and it was found she had once again broken her jaw.

Kitty has again been operated on and her jaw has been wired. She is being kept on cage rest for a number of weeks, and will have to be fed a liquid diet while her injuries to her mouth heal.

Richard Woodwards, animal centre manager said: “To be honest we are all quite shocked that Kitty has returned to us with the same injuries, how one cat can manage to get herself into so much trouble is beyond me. This really is one of the most unusual incidents involving a cat which we have ever had to deal with! Kitty really is exceptionally lucky that she has managed to survive, not one, but two road accidents.

“The person who rehomed her originally, was very upset by what had happened, and it was not their fault at all. But it was clear that Kitty now needs to be rehomed to a special place, which is perhaps away from busy traffic or in an exceptionally well enclosed area, as she clearly has no road sense whatsoever.

“This is why we are now looking to find her a new home, where she can enjoy roaming free - without the danger of her walking into the path of cars because clearly despite being hit twice, she just doesn’t seem to get that they are dangerous!

“Apart from her clear lack of road sense, Kitty is an amazingly wonderful cat, and her previous owner was heartbroken to have to give her up, but felt it would be in her best interest.”

Once Kitty has fully recovered and the wire removed from her jaw, she will be rehomed again.

If you are interested in offering her a new home contact the centre on 01246 273 358.