Kind hearts aid needy people

Big-hearted sponsors in the Peaks and Dales have made life easier for needy people abroad.

On a trip to the Gambia, David and Tina Rawson delivered a community water filter from Aquabox, based at Wirksworth, goggles from David Allen of Twiggs of Matlock, and a box of secondhand tools from Bakewell Tools for Self Reliance.

The community filter, which will deliver 300 litres of drinking water per hour, drawn from open wells containing bacteria and viruses, was delivered to Timbuto, which has a population of 500 people.

The tools were delivered to St John’s School for the Deaf in Banjul, where 250 boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 14, are taught woodworking skills. The children lost their hearing and never learned to speak because they had previously suffered meningitis, caused by drinking bad water.

David and Tina also took 20 pairs of safety goggles to 20 young women who they found near the River Gambia shelling oysters which grow in the mangroves. The heat in the Gambia makes their work hard, and as they work they wipe the sweat from their brows with hands covered in lime from the oysters shells, which causes blindness amongst the women.