Kind donations give boost to Chloe fund

NDET 31-7-12 RKH 3 Tara Fuester and daughter Chloe.
NDET 31-7-12 RKH 3 Tara Fuester and daughter Chloe.

The mum of young cancer-sufferer, Chloe Parkes, has spoken of her appreciation after dozens of you donated to her dream Disney trip appeal.

Chloe, 10, from Brimington, has been hospitalised for the last four months with tumours in her brain and spine, but has spoken of her dream to swim with dolphins and have breakfast with Mickey Mouse when she has recovered.

Last week, the Derbyshire Times reported how Chesterfield charity, Cancer Relief UK, has launched an appeal to help her realise her dream – and generous donations have been coming in ever since.

“We appreciate it more than anyone can ever know,” said mum, Tara Fewster, 34, who has been at Chloe’s bedside at Sheffield Children’s Hospital since she was admitted. “It makes you realise how kind people can be and it makes it a bit easier knowing people care.”

She added: “It is just something for her to keep fighting for. It makes her happy, and we keep her updated with the donations. It gives her the strength to carry on.”

When the Derbyshire Times went to press, the total donations stood at £1,272.50 of £25,000 needed to send Chloe and four family members – including her two sisters Kasie, 12, and Jessica, 14 – on the trip.

Phil Staton, from Cancer Relief UK, said: “There is still a lot more to raise, and we want to encourage people to donate because she is such a brave little girl who has been through so much.”

He added that the insurance alone could be as much as £5,000, owing to Chloe’s serious condition.

But Chloe is showing massive signs of improvement, and this week was able to stand for the first time in five weeks, to give her mum a hug.

“It was an extremely emotional moment,” said Tara.

She is now hoping to start radiotherapy treatment in the next few weeks.

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