Killamarsh schoolkids sent home as classrooms become too cold to teach in

Killamarsh Infant and Nursery School
Killamarsh Infant and Nursery School

Kids at Killamarsh Infant and Nursery School were told not to come into school today after a boiler fault.

The Nursery at the school has closed as the classrooms became too cold to teach in, while the main school, reception, year 1 and year 2 will be open as normal, said Derbyshire County Council.

A boiler fault discovered yesterday meant the temperatures in the Nursery dropped below acceptable levels, and pupils were todl not to come in today or Monday while the problem is fixed.

A spokesperson for the schools said:"It's the boiler. We can't have little ones in when obviously it's very very cold. We can move the rest of the school around when this happens, but the nursery is not a compulsory for children so the head decided to close the department while we fix the boiler.