Justice served at rugby club

Fraser Mitchell, Buxton Rugby Club
Fraser Mitchell, Buxton Rugby Club

Justice has been served at a rugby club after vandals who trashed the pitch have been made to carry out maintenance work as punishment.

Two men are set to carry out maintenance work for Buxton Rugby Union Football Club after they damaged the pitch with their cars as part of Derbyshire Police’s Restorative Justice initiative.

The men, aged 28 and 27, who are from Stockport, admitted driving their vehicles onto the field at Harpur Hill during the snow in January this year.

The club estimated around £6,000 of damage was done to the grass and fence.

Club vice chairman Fraser Mitchell said: “It’s a really good result. We are very pleased because noone like to be upset without just call and we still don’t see why it happened.”

Luckily the damage to the pitch was not as extensive as anticipated and the club was still able to host the Derbyshire county finals.

Fraser continued: “The fact that it went ahead was down in no small part to the effort the club members put in and the groundsmen especially.”

The men will carry out unpaid external painting work at the club under the Restorative Justice scheme.

Further information on Restorative Justice is available by visiting ww.derbyshire.police.uk or www.restorativejustice.org.uk.