Jumble sale to raise money for a school in Africa

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Bag a bargain at a table top sale where the funds raised will help children in Africa.

The jumble sale will take place on Sunday, November 1 at the Victoria Club in Whittington Moor between noon and 2pm.

Aunty Dorricing’s International School is a non-profitable education service provider. The school strives in its work to protect the human rights and the development of all its children.

Emma Spendlow, one of the organisers of the jumble sale, said: “Aunty Dorricing’s School provides education for children from the age of three to 11 to 12 years.

“The school presently has 212 children – many who’s parents are unable to pay the fees at private schools.

“The Gambia provides some education for older children but nursery/primary school places are generally community or private schools.”

With a 50p entrance fee to the event this money will go towards equipment for the children.

ADI Funds 4 School pays the salaries for the teachers every month – approximately £325 and the rent for the school is £130 per year.

Stationery is provided by the charity 2-3 times per year costing £400 to £500

Emma added: “For the Nursery slates and black boards have been purchased to prevent the little ones using up expensive paper and lots of nursery age games and toys have been taken to the school from the UK.

“These contributions make a huge difference to 212 children how are desperate for an education.”

Through the charity, six teachers are presently being trained at the Gambian College of Education paid for by St Nicholas Rotary Club in Aberdeen.