Joy as Headless Homer is returned – thanks to the Derbyshire Times

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A Halloween dummy which was stolen from a village has been returned – thanks to an appeal by the Derbyshire Times.

Children and adults in Morton, Alfreton, were left devastated after their Headless Homer creation was pinched at the start of the week.

The Derbyshire Times put an appeal online and in the paper for his return – and the dummy is now back where he belongs.

Parent Kate Bird said: “Last night two young men knocked on our door to own up to taking Homer and to apologise.

“They said they’d seen the story in the Derbyshire Times and felt guilty.

“Within an hour Homer was returned!

“There are some happy, smiley faces in the village today and our faith in human kind has been restored.

“Many, many thanks to the Derbyshire Times.”

Youngsters will now be able to enter Headless Homer into the village’s scarecrow competition.