‘Jobsworths’ ban rangers’ dogs

ndet 30-10-12 mc 1'dog walker
ndet 30-10-12 mc 1'dog walker

Derbyshire countryside rangers have been banned from taking their dogs to work after a complaint from a member of the public.

But the move has been slammed as “nonsense” and “ridiculous” by Derbyshire Times Facebook friends.

Derbyshire County Council reviewed its policy in a bid to make “sites safe” after a complainant said they “did not like the dog being around.”

However Facebook friend Domenico Diiorio said: “Oh dear sounds like a health and safety jobs-worth has struck again. “

Mandy Greaves added: “It’s absolute nonsense banning them. Dogs are a therapeutic benefit.”

Ronald John Price said: “It feels as though our heritage is being eroded. ”

Dave Goodridge added: “What a ridiculous decision. And why?”

Anna Hill said: “DCC - please rethink this decision. Dogs are a vital part of the ranger service.”

Jayne Marling added: “It is such a short sighted decision. Well trained ranger dogs do lead by example.”

A council spokeswoman said a member of the public had complained about dogs being around them.

She added: “Our countryside staff have a duty to make sure our countryside sites are as safe and inviting for visitors as they possibly can be.

“We want all our employees to put our service users first. And behaviour that one person considers acceptable from a dog may be considered unacceptable by someone else. That’s why we’ve taken this decision.

“It’s the responsible thing to do.”