Jobs hunt flexibility


MOST unemployed young people in Derbyshire are searching for roles in low-skilled jobs – according to the latest unemployment figures.

Research by the Office for National Statistics found the majority of 18-24 year olds, who are claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance, are looking for jobs which do not require qualifications.

The latest figures were released last week and show the number of young jobseekers in the county had hit a 15-year high of 8,335.

The data analysed the type of jobs the jobseekers are looking for.

“Elementary Occupations” – low-skilled jobs such as cleaning, general labouring or door-to-door sales – were the most sought after, with 2,730 looking for this type of role.

The second most popular category was for sales or customer service positions (2,610), followed by personal service occupations (705) and administrative/secretarial roles (655).

Some 720 were looking for skilled trade roles.

Ian Greenaway, president of the Derbyshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “This is all about raising the aspirations and lowering the expectations of young job seekers.

“Many young people have got to realise that they will have to start on the bottom rung of the ladder and work hard to forge themselves a career – they are not going to walk straight into a senior position straight after leaving school.

“If you have got good qualifications, it’s all about being flexible and adaptable and looking for any opportunity where your skills or experience could be applied. If you are less academic, it’s all about having the confidence to go for any job.”

He added: “The more worrying trend is that there are many of these low-paid, low-skilled jobs out there which employers fill with workers from outside of the UK, because they perceive that our own young people don’t have either the correct skills or attitudes to work in these roles.

“We need to address that by ensuring that our young jobseekers are better prepared for the world of work.”