Joblessness rise

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YOUTH unemployment is at a 15 year high in Derbyshire – with 8,335 people aged between 16 to 24 claiming jobseekers allowance.

Leader of Chesterfield Borough Council John Burrows, said: “I’m deeply concerned about the job market for our young people and saddened that there aren’t more employment opportunities available at present.

“The Government funding we had for projects to tackle worklessness has now come to an end so we will be considering new ways of tackling the issue over the next couple of months.”

Derbyshire County Council is set to create 700 apprenticeships over the next four years.

NE Derbyshire District Councillor Pat Kerry said the authority was running a range of initiatives.

She added: “We’re committed to working with employers to help direct new job opportunities to residents where possible, such as in Clay Cross where over 100 jobs were secured for local people.”