Jilted football fan assaulted girlfriend after “three-day bender” at the Euros

Chesterfield magistrates' court.
Chesterfield magistrates' court.

A football fan who had just returned from a “three-day bender” at the Euro Championships in France assaulted his girlfriend after she broke off their relationship.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Wednesday, July 13, how Daniel Elias Monks, 23, of Chester Street, Chesterfield, struck his girlfriend Sophie Dudley in the face with a suitcase and smashed a patio door window at her mother’s home.

Prosecuting solicitor Sarah Haslam said: “They had both been in a fiery relationship for three years and Monks had been quite controlling and there had been arguments where he had punched doors and he had been jealous and paranoid.

“They had lived together for two years but Miss Dudley had moved back to her parents’ home because his behaviour had become unpredictable and in the summer last year they had separated but they didn’t stop seeing each other and he had promised to change.

“While Miss Dudley’s parents had been on holiday she had allowed Monks to come and stay and they were sat in the bedroom on the bed and she was unhappy and wanted to end their relationship and he was shouting and crying.

“She said his behaviour changed and he spat in her face and pushed her and she fell backwards on the bed and he threw a suitcase which hit her forehead and glasses were knocked of shelves and she was crying.”

Monks walked out but returned an hour later, according to Ms Haslam, and was banging on the patio door before he smashed a single pane of glass.

The defendant told police he had been on a “three-day bender” in France and had taken cocaine for three days and had not slept for three days when he met his partner.

He admitted smashing his own TV and spitting at Miss Dudley but he denied he had pushed her but accepted that he had thrown the suitcase but claimed he had not intended for it to hit her.

Monks also claimed he had not intended to break the patio door window.

The defendant pleaded guilty to assaulting Sophie Dudley at Moorland View Road, Chesterfield, and to damaging a patio door window at the same address after the incident on June 19.

Defence solicitor Annis Rowlands said: “He’s got difficult and deep-seated mental health issues but his medication is working better for him and the future is set to be good.”

She added: “This gentleman sees the proceedings as a catalyst and opportunity to address behaviour and to get the help that has either not been available or has not been taken.

“He’s been very frank and tearful about what happened. He came back from the Euro football matches and was candid about his conduct there.

“He acknowledges spitting in her face but he denies pushing the complainant and even though he launched the suitcase it was not intended to hit her.”

District Judge Andrew Davison adjourned the case until August 10 to consider a pre-sentence probation report.