Jail risk to death threat culprit

sp56888'Chesterfield Magistrates Court
sp56888'Chesterfield Magistrates Court

CUSTODY could be on the cards for a jilted Blackwell man who sent menacing messages – including a death threat – to his ex-partner

Chesterfield magistrates heard that Stephen Ramsdale had known Sharon Pugh for about nine years before they had a one-year relationship.

Ms Pugh told police she became unhappy because of his drinking, which made him aggressive.

On February 19 Ramsdale (39) tried to smash property at home while drunk. Police were called and he ended up being cautioned for assaulting an officer.

Becky Mahon, prosecuting, said he apologised and asked for a reconciliation on March 5 but she told him she only wanted to be friends.

Ms Pugh arranged for his sister to collect his belongings and he threatened in a text message: “I ain’t started yet - keep looking over your shoulder”.

He wrote that she should enjoy her job “while it lasted” as he was going to wreck it, said Ms Mahon.

Another message read: “I’ve got nothing to lose. Sleep tight, you are gonna die, maybe tonight, tomorrow or next week, you dirty slag.”

Ms Pugh showed the messages to police, saying that while she considered herself to be quite a strong person she was scared in case Ramsdale was hanging around outside her home.

He was arrested and told police he recalled sending her a message about retrieving his belongings, but not making any threats, although he accepted drink may have clouded his memory.

Ramsdale, of Fern Bank Avenue, Blackwell, admitted sending an offensive message to Ms Pugh at Blackwell on March 6.

The justices said he had caused her much fear. They adjourned sentence until April 20 for probation service reports and warned he could be locked up at the next hearing.

He was granted bail on condition he did not contact her.

Gavin Haigh, for Ramsdale, said he attempted suicide on February 19. He was arrested for his own safety and assaulted the officer during a struggle while being removed from the house.

“The day after this she sent him a text message saying it was over. He was on anti-depressants and drinking to cope with his problems.

“There was certainly no intention on his part to carry out the threats but he accepts she was likely to be distressed by them,” said Mr Haigh, adding that Ramsdale had caused no further trouble for Ms Pugh and had sought help for his drink and mental health problems.