Is YOUR street a fly-tipping hotspot?

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Council chiefs in Chesterfield have revealed the streets in the town that have been most blighted by fly-tippers in recent years.

Following a Freedom of Information request made by the Derbyshire Times, Chesterfield Borough Council has provided their top-ten fly-tip locations and the cost to the authority of cleaning up the mess.

In Chesterfield, since 2010, just ten streets in the borough have reported almost 150 instances of fly-tipping, with around 60 cases taking place on just two streets.

According to the authority, its streets most commonly targeted by people dumping rubbish are:

- Newbridge Lane, Old Whittington - 29 incidents

- Dunston Road, Dunston – 29 incidents

- Crow Lane, Tapton – 16 incidents

- Dunston Lane to Dunston Rd Footpath – 13 incidents

- Pettyclose Lane, Tapton – 12 incidents

- Ashgate Road, Ashgate – 10 incidents

- Sheffield Road, Pevensey / Peveril – 10 incidents

- Barlow Road, Staveley – 9 incidents

- Goyt Side Road, Boythorpe – 9 incidents

- Gorse Valley Road, Hasland – 9 incidents

The borough council also revealed that since 2010, the clean-up cost for all fly-tipping incidents has exceeded £110,000, with the bill for 2014-15 rising to £23,597 - more than £3,000 up on the cost in 2010-11.

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Pictured: Fly-tipping in Ashgate Road.