Is there a cat poisoner at large in Wirksworth?

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Fears a cat killer could be at large in Wirksworth have arisen after an unsuspecting moggy fell prey to poisoning.

When Jenna Taylor’s cat Trixie showed signs of being ill on Sunday, December 7, she thought it might just be a cold. However when the two–year–old white and ginger cat hadn’t perked up by the following Wednesday, she took her to the vet.

“They told me they suspected poisoning so they kept her in overnight,” the office administrator said. “They then told me they believed she had been poisoned with anti-freeze that had affected her brain and they had no option but to put her to sleep.”

She added: “The vet did say ‘unfortunately this is not the first case we have had this week from your area’.

“It’s very upsetting that someone could have done this, but also the vets bills are massive.”

Jenna, who lives in Slater Crescent, Wirksworth, said a friend of hers who lives in neighbouring Bournebrook Avenue said her cat had recently come home with something in its mouth that was found to have antifreeze on it.

In February last year, the Mercury reported that six cats living in nearby King Edward Street, Wirksworth, had been poisoned within a month.

Jenna is now concerned for the safety of her remaining cat, Roxy.

“If it’s been done deliberately I don’t know how someone could be so cruel,” she said.