Indecent behaviour sees man thrown out of pub

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A MAN whose indecent behaviour led to him being ejected from a Peak pub by a customer has been placed on the sex offenders register.

Barry Adams, 63, was seen playing with himself behind a newspaper in the Star Inn, Tideswell, at 10.30pm on February 16.

Two women were chatting in a bar room when a partner of one of them walked over and asked if they wanted another drink, Chesterfield magistrates heard

“He looked across and saw the defendant, who seemed to be handling a newspaper on his lap in an unusual fashion.

“The defendant was actively masturbating and this behaviour was believed to be aimed at the two ladies,” said Mike Treharne, prosecuting.

He added: “He was incensed. He snatched the paper from the defendant and pulled him out of the pub. The defendant tried to cover himself up with his coat as he was ejected.”

“Other people then became involved. As it turned out, the females had not seen what he was doing.”

Adams was arrested and initially told police he was brushing his trousers with his hand but he went on to tell the truth.

“He was visibly embarrassed by his actions, which he couldn’t explain. He said it had no connection to the females in the room and he apologised, saying depression was part of his problems,” said Mr Treharne.

Adams, of Heavygate Road, Sheffield, admitted a charge of outraging public decency. He had no previous convictions.

The bench imposed a three-year probation supervision order and placed him on the sex offenders’ register for five years, with £85 costs.

“He lives with his wife. They are retired,” said Joanna Grant, for Adams.