Incinerator bid is over

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CONTROVERSIAL incinerator plans that received the most objections ever in Derbyshire will not be revived.

The proposals for Dunston Road, Sheepbridge, were thrown out last October in a shock decision at a rollercoaster five-hour planning meeting.

Today the Derbyshire Times can exclusively reveal that developer Cyclamax has decided not to appeal the decision as the time period they can do so ends.

“We lived and breathed it for two years and didn’t think they were going to appeal but this just takes away that element of doubt,” said campaign group spokeswoman Julie Harrington.

“It’s always been in the back of our minds, people still ask us about it, they know what we did and will ask if anything has happened.”

Cyclamax said its recycling centre and gasification plant would reduce waste sent to landfill and be an opportunity for investment.

Fears surrounding potential health implications from plant emissions sparked the lengthy battle and nearly 15,000 people objected.

Derbyshire County Council’s reasons for rejection were adverse impact on the local economy, unacceptable highways impact, loss of protected trees and perception of health risk.

Julie – who this week gave a motivational talk to campaigners fighting plans for new homes on green space in Bolsover - added: “All the way through people were saying ‘It’s a done deal, why are you bothering?’

“When people start to hear rumours like that they give up, we could have thought the same two years ago and the incinerator would have been built now.

“If something matters to you that much you’ve got to at least try.”

Cyclamax company secretary Paul Stevenson confirmed an appeal would not take place and the firm was looking at larger projects rather than investing in planning appeals.