‘I want my breast implants removed’

sp94537 Breast Implant story Lisa Bufton.
sp94537 Breast Implant story Lisa Bufton.

A WOMAN who had her breasts enlarged with implants that are now at the centre of a health scare has spoken of her desperation to get them removed.

Lisa Bufton, 37, of Inkersall Green, had surgery at Alexandra Hospital in Chesterfield in August 2004 and was given controversial silicone PIP implants.

sp94537 Breast Implant story  Chris and Lisa Bufton.

sp94537 Breast Implant story Chris and Lisa Bufton.

She said, although her implants have not ruptured, she had been left in constant pain and said her GP had advised her to get the implants removed – but can not afford the operation which is set to cost over £3,600.

The mum-of-one added: “I am at my wits end about the whole thing.”

Mrs Bufton decided to go under the knife after having her daughter Sammy, 11 years ago.

She had her breasts enlarged from a B to an F cup, which cost over £3,500.

She said: “After breast feeding I wasn’t very pleased with my body and I had it done for my own self esteem.

“I was really happy with the hospital and the support given to me afterwards. But I wish I hadn’t had it done now.”

Concerns about the safety of the PIP implants were raised when French surgeons noticed they ruptured more easily than others.

The firm had used low-grade industrial silicone gel, that had been manufactured for use in mattresses, in place of specialist medical materials.

When an implant ruptures, the silicone gel filling can leak into the body. The gel can also be an irritant, causing pain and inflammation.

Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins said he would be bringing Mrs Bufton’s case to the attention of Andrew Lansley, the health secretary.

He added: “I think the hospitals which have provided the operations should be taking some responsibility.

“Most people would feel it was unreasonable to have to pay again.

“I will be taking this up in Parliament and asking the health secretary what can be done in this case.”

A spokesman for the Alexandra Private Hospital said: “The safety and well-being of our patients is our paramount concern, and we believe that patients should not be made to suffer the uncertainties and unease caused by the failure of the Government’s regulatory bodies. As such, we are offering all of our patients with PIP implants a free appointment and consultation with a surgeon to discuss their specific concerns, including removal and replacement.”

He added: “The hospital will adhere strictly to the medical guidelines set forth following the investigation into the safety of PIP implants. We note the official findings, as announced by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, that there is no evidence of toxic effects from the PIP implants, and no safety concerns or cancer risks to justify the routine removal of PIP implants.”