I’m inspired to live in Derbyshire

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FOR more than three-quarters of a million people, Derbyshire is a place to call home.

Some of those people have lived here for their whole lives, others for just months or weeks, but as part of our summer campaign - I’m Inspired - we want to share their stories on why they choose to live in the area.

Calow Primary School headteacher Martin Thacker has his roots firmly fixed here.

“My ancestry goes back at least 400 years in this area” said Martin, who is president of the Chesterfield RSPCA and vice-president of the North East Derbyshire Deaf Society. “Coming with that is a responsibility that we should think about how we can make the lives of other people who live here, better.

“Looking around I see a lot people out there working hard for others in so many different ways, and a lot of those people are unsung heroes. Consider those working to help people with illnesses, like Ashgate Hospice. Everyone knows people who have been helped by them and they are just one of so many reasons why I love living in the county.”

Unlike Martin, Anita Skelton wasn’t born in Derbyshire, but moved here from Germany 30 years ago after marrying a man from Clay Cross.

She said: “The fact that you’re within five minutes from the countryside and the people I have met who are so friendly makes me feel happy to live in Derbyshire. And the help I received from the people of Clay Cross for the project “Garden For All” on Grassmoor Allotments is just amazing.”

Our Facebook fans were full of reasons why Derbyshire is an inspiring place to live.

Christopher Spencer, said: “Because it is the home of the Derwent Valley Mills - the world would be nothing without the industrial revolution and it all started right here. He added: “And because I’m a born and bred local.

“I didn’t choose to move here because of its scenery, architecture or character. It is the one and only place that we know how to call “home”. Like our grandparents did and grandchildren will.”

When asked why she loved living in Derbyshire, Lindsay Patterson, said: “Because Derbyshire is HOME. It’s where there’s always something going on, always nice scenery and walks to be found and I can’t wait to get back home. I’m stuck living in North Wales at the moment but am so happy this week as I am in Derbyshire house hunting. Derbyshire - the happening place with lots to do, places to go, lots to see and it’s HOME!”

Dawn Fletcher, said: “I moved here from Sheffield eight years ago and I love it.

“In Sheffield you don’t get horses going past your house, and when driving to town you don’t go past farms. I could go on and on about why I love it here - people say hello to you even when they don’t know you.”

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