I have to laugh at my great grandpa

NDET 2-1-13 MC 5'NUM building traffic cone on statue of James Haslam MP
NDET 2-1-13 MC 5'NUM building traffic cone on statue of James Haslam MP

READING the Derbyshire Times on Thursday 10th January, I feel I must reply to your letters about James Haslam, MP, or more importantly, his statue outside the NUM offices.

I am the great grand-daughter of James Haslam, and I have enclosed a cutting relating to him which was published some time ago in the Derbyshire Times.

I have to smile when I see the statues having a traffic cone on their heads, it makes mu garndchildren laugh.

The cutting reads: “The day of James Haslam’s funeral saw the Chesterfield streets lined with mourners.

Described in The New Figaro as ‘a pioneerrepresenting miners in their struggle for industrial betterment and political advance’, ames Haslam was a founder of the Derbyshire Miners’ Association, and MP for Chesterfield.

He was a determined man with strong views.

Born at Clay Cross in 1842, he started working at the pit top at the age of 10.

The pay was 10d for a 12-hour day. By the time he was 16 he worked at the coal face.

Mr Haslam was involved in the fight to improve the miners’ lot, and worked on numerous committees. He was a member of the town council, a magistrate for the borough and in 1905 became MP for Chesterfield.

Away from the public eye he was a strong family man, with 12 children and five adopted orphans.

He was 70 when he died, and in his memory a statue stands outside the NUM buildings at Saltergate, Chesterfield.

Margaret Shakespeare

Chatsworth Road,