I had to laugh at letter: Always paid for parking

I read the letters in the Derbyshire Times every week, but one letter in particular made me laugh last week.

I was born in Chesterfield and am a regular visitor to the town centre, even though I now live in Mansfield.

For the 46 years I’ve been a driver, I can remember no time when parking was free in the town centre.

I find it strange that people expect to park for free in any town centre.

Also, your letter writer was worried about getting a parking ticket when going into the Co-op on Elder Way, but surely you only get a parking ticket if you break the parking restrictions, whether they are right or wrong?

I agree that the closure of the Co-op is very sad, as I had a weekend job there whilst at school, and it was also my first full time job upon leaving school in the 60s – myself and my family have continued to be loyal customers ever since.

Jenny Barker