I don’t want petrol station: Council isn’t hearing us

I am totally bemused by Bolsover District council.

Its motto is ‘community is at the heart of everything they do’.

I don’t believe this for a minute. I sat in on a Bolsover District Council meeting and thought how poor the councillors were at discussing community issues and entirely dismissive of residents’ opinions.

They did a better job of looking back than they did at looking forward - with labour councillors reflecting heavily back to the miners’ strike of the 80s.

We need forward thinking as there are other issues to consider. The fact they are trying to sell our historic green land to the rear of Sherwood Green says that BDC are not looking forward - and for what? A petrol station of all things!

The green with all its mature trees and wildlife could be a fantastic addition to an economic regeneration bid with tourism at its heart.

If BDC wants to sell Bolsover as a place to come and live, don’t they realise that most people look for attractive green spaces such as this when deciding where to buy a house.

We are not arguing the principle of whether or not we want a supermarket, but it is being used as a smokescreen to the wider issue of putting a petrol station on the site and in effect desecrating our landscape.

Instead, we are arguing that we most certiainly do not want a petrol station in the centre of a conservation area – on our green land.

People of Bolsover stop being so passive and wake up and see what Bolsover District Council is trying to do to your town.

Bemused of Bolsover

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