I’d take a 6p rise on my other bills

No-one wants to see Council Tax going up, but frankly two years without any increase followed by a 6p a week increase this year isn’t too bad compared to most of my bills.

Chesterfield Borough Council is battling to protect services and jobs in the face of appalling Government cuts.

When even Eric Pickles allows a Council Tax increase because he recognises how badly the council has been treated, you can be sure that Chesterfield has been worse affected than most.

Last week Julia Cambridge tried to pretend that the whole thing could be avoided if only the council privatised services without realising that committing to long fixed- term costs in a time of financial cutbacks is madness.

If all your contracts are on fixed terms, where do you make the further cuts that her government is demanding.

It would be more helpful if the Lib Dems could add their voice to the Labour and Independent members who are calling on the Government to stop hitting the most deprived areas with the biggest cuts rather than attacking the council who are the victim of these.

Linda Clarke