I’d rather die than move: Bedroom tax will kill me

I would like the Editor of the Derbyshire Times to pop a date in his diary.

That date is the day the Government’s henchmen come to turf me out of the home I have occupied for over 40 years.

I have never missed a payment, have faithfully raised three good boys who all contribute more in tax revenue for the Government than I have ever taken out.

I have supported a husband through half a century of coal mining. I hardly ever saw him as he toiled tirelessly - even in the face of Thatcher’s hatred of us.

I am now alone, having lost my husband to poor health, caused by his faithfulness to the cause. It was, of course, NCB back then. He was working for the Government. The only pleasure in life I receive comes when one of my boys comes homes, with grandchildren in tow.

If they try to kick me out of this home, I will sacrifice myself for a new cause.

Terrified Grandma