I can’t afford Chatsworth: £10 parking is a disgrace

For the past few years my husband and I have enjoyed the Christmas Market at Chatsworth, indeed, we look forward to the event.

The stalls, the wide variety of food and atmosphere always inspire the start of our Christmas shopping.

So I decided to check the dates online and noticed that on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the Parking charge is a whopping £10!

Whilst on Thursday it is an acceptable £3 – (Hooray for the pensioners and the unemployed!)

I telephoned the booking office early this morning to check that the figure published online was correct, and was told that £5 of this is redeemable against admission to the House and Garden but only on that same day.

Although the House is magnificent and I have visited it on many occasions, I simply don’t want to do both. In this economy, I feel that this charge only represents one thing, outrageous greed!

The booking office said that Chatsworth were working with the police to alleviate traffic congestion and this charge was a measure to make more people go on Thursday.

So, as an employed person with no holidays left, unless I decide to call in sick on either of the £3 days, my car will certainly not be a bother to the Chatsworth Estate this year!

Mrs Joanne Johnson