I agree - the law’s gone soft: So what’s our PCC doing?

I have to agree with the two letters in last week’s Derbyshire Times headed: ‘The law has gone soft’ and ‘Cops are on crooks’ side’ in last week’s letters pages, concerning the landlord who caught two thieves in the act of robbing his property, only to see them get off with nothing more than a “Be good boys in future” warning from Chesterfield police.

Having voted in elections only a few weeks ago, allegedly designed to make the police more accountable to the public, I note the deafening silence on this incident from the county’s new Police and Crime Commissioner –shouldn’t he be communicating with the people that pay him?

He saw fit to write to all local media after his election, telling us how he hoped Labour would win the next election; and he repeated the PR exercise with a “Christmas message”.

Your front page story on this incident was followed up by local television.

But on a subject which has caused widespread anger and concern amongst law-abiding citizens, concerning law and order which is supposed to be the subject matter of the Commissioner’s £80,000 a year job, not a single word from Mr Charles.

What is he supposed to be doing, exactly?