Husband's shock find

A woman who hanged herself had been bullied at work by a boss, her husband claimed at an inquest.

Linda Lee (54) was found hanged at her home in High Street, Old Whittington, on February 4 by her husband Alan.

She had tied a dog lead around her neck and was suspended from a staircase. Mr Lee cut her down with a kitchen knife and paramedics were called but she was declared dead at the scene.


The Chesterfield inquest heard that Mrs Lee, a carer at Ash Green learning disabilities centre in Ashgate, had taken an overdose of prescribed anti-depressants before hanging herself.

“Numerous tablets had been washed down with some red wine and a note was found on the lounge table. She had made attempts to take her own life in the past,” said Pc Richard Stuart.

“There is some mention in the notes about work and her boss and being picked on or bullied – but it just says ‘boss’ and doesn’t specifically name anyone. I think Ash Green are going to do an inquiry into that.”

Mr Lee said: “It is obvious she was being bullied.”

But North Derbyshire Coroner Tom Kelly replied: “No it isn’t. Maybe she had that impression but from the evidence I have seen, and all the correspondence, I don’t think so. That would be a matter for the police to take proceedings – if they felt they were justified – and not for me.

“I know she had numerous letters asking her to attend appointments, which she didn’t keep, and she was under the impression there was something untoward. But no evidence as to bullying has been found.”

Pathologist Dr Deirdre McKenna gave the cause of death as strangulation by ligature and stated that a potentially fatal level of fluoxitene pills had been taken.

“If Mrs Lee had not done what she did the overdose would have killed her anyway,” said the coroner, recording a verdict of death from self-administered strangulation.