How many new homes could be built in north east Derbyshire in the next 15 years?

A total of 5,800 homes are proposed to be built across north-east Derbyshire in the next 15 years - some of which will be on greenbelt land.

Saturday, 25th March 2017, 8:56 am
Updated Saturday, 25th March 2017, 11:54 am

The plans are set out in 
North East Derbyshire District Council’s draft local plan consultation.

The blueprints show the number of homes and employment sites which could be built across the district up to 2033.

The proposals would involve altering greenbelt boundaries in Dronfield, Eckington and Killamarsh - an approach campaigners have hit out at.

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The campaigners 
say greenbelt land should be 
protected and that 
brownfield land should be used.

Meanwhile, council chiefs say it is important the development needs of the 
district are met in a sustainable way.

The local plan also includes four ‘strategic sites’ which are seen as areas that will ‘deliver significant and substantial growth’.

These are: The Avenue, the former Biwaters site, Markham Vale and the Markham Vale extension - land to south of Chesterfield Road, Duckmanton.

Consultations are being held across the district in which residents can view the view the plans and have their say.

The deadline is April 7. Go to:

What are people saying?

Oliver Hewitt, of Dronfield Greenbelt group, said:

“After attending the district council’s consultation in Dronfield the overwhelming feeling was anger that the district council seemed resolute in pushing ahead with these plans to ruin the countryside around Dronfield, even in light of such strong objection from residents.

“The representatives from the district council appeared to be using divisive tactics by encouraging residents to nominate the site furthest away from them if they don’t like the idea of a development near them, glossing over any concerns around loss of green space or inadequate infrastructure.”

Paul Johnson, chairman of Killamarsh RAGE (Residents Against Greenbelt Erosion), said:

“The supporters of RAGE are against the proposals in the local plan to build 618 new dwellings on Killamarsh greenbelt land for a number of reasons.

“The plan shows that Killamarsh has a good infrastructure, whereas residents know this is not the case. The road network is old and inadequate with the main Sheffield Road being subject to significant delays due to the old railway and river bridges on the outskirts of the village narrowing the carriageway and causing significant disruption to traffic.

“The vast majority of the homes are proposed to be built on land described as ‘high risk’ in mining maps, due to the maze of shafts and tunnels beneath the surface. This could release noxious gasses and lead to more subsidence/sinkholes in areas that currently suffer from such events. Coupled with the total inadequacy of the road capacity leading from the sites this leaves a nightmare scenario for current residents in the locality of the proposed developments - and for everyone else in Killamarsh.

“The doctors’ surgery is overwhelmed at present, without adding 25 per cent to the local population, as the plan would do. An additional 1,200 cars would make the current disruption untenable.”

He added: “Although not an air quality management area at this time the southern half of Killamarsh suffers from proximity to the M1. Additional traffic, stationary due to holdups, will exacerbate this.

“The new route for HS2 will pass close to the area where most of the new development is planned and the new Biomass energy plant, built by Sheffield City, is right against the border with north-east Derbyshire. There are known emission problems from these type of plants because of their burning waste wood, giving problems with particulate matter, and harming air quality because of the chemicals with which such wood has been treated.

“Add to this the fact that two local landowners have been approached for permission to sink fracking boreholes on their land, and the fact that the newly-authorised Gulliver’s Valley leisure park will be built in the same area, vastly adding to traffic problems, the local air quality will suffer significant harm.

“Killamarsh is in a unique position in that it borders five other local authority areas. All have massive housebuilding plans, involving about 3,000 more dwellings, all in the area of the border with Killamarsh.

“Killamarsh has had massive development during the 20th century without any significant and proportionate infrastructure enhancements. According to the Derbyshire Infrastructure Plan no road enhancements are planned. Any improvements will depend on developer contributions and successful bids to government ‘pots’ of money.

“I fear that we will be left with massive development without any infrastructure improvements. This cannot be right or fair.”

North East Derbyshire District Council’s cabinet member with responsibility for the environment, Councillor Michael Gordon, said:

“A lot of hard work has gone into producing this document which must be in line with Government requirements and at the same time meet the needs of local people.

“We have a duty to ensure that enough land is identified to support growth and meet the development needs of the District in a sustainable way.

“The Local Plan will essentially be the blueprint for what development will take place across our district in the next 15 years, so it is important that people come along, talk to us and have their say.

“The local plan strategy sets out an ambitious, but deliverable plan to help develop a strong economic base whilst at the same time enhancing the district as a place to live, work and play.

“The plan is to create towns where people can walk or cycle to work, shop locally, where they offer a better balance between employment and housing and offer a more sustainable future for our local residents.”

“The draft local plan contains four strategic sites which are seen as areas that will deliver significant and substantial growth during the 
plan period.”


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