How Derbyshire County Council plans to save £12million in 2018-19

Yesterday, cabinet members at Conservative-led Derbyshire County Council have approved £12.3million cuts to services during 2018-19. Here we take a look at what are likely to be the most controversial savings...

Friday, 26th January 2018, 9:43 am
Updated Friday, 26th January 2018, 9:45 am
Derbyshire County Council's Matlock headquarters.
Derbyshire County Council's Matlock headquarters.

Adult care

The county council intends to cut a total of £5,015,000 from its adult care department over the next year.

It is proposed that £3million will be saved by looking at 'demand management'. What does that mean? The council's 2018-19 budget report states: "Currently a high proportion of people who contact, or are referred to adult care, become clients. The proposal is to review the council’s approach and look at further ways of promoting people's independence and improving the ways the council signposts people to other services and support in their communities. This will include more targeted information and increasing support to carers."

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Learning disability services are set to lose £500,000. According to the budget report: "By working more closely with health services, streamlining assessment processes and matching clients more effectively with support, including with less traditional services, savings are expected to be made. This will require a radical change in the way health and social care work together to create a fully integrated approach, especially for people with the most complex needs."

There are likely to be reassessments for people currently accessing day care services and, where appropriate, they will be offered alternatives like luncheon clubs, befriending services, social activities or outings - saving £200,000.

Children's services

The children's services department is poised to lose a total of £2,946,000 between 2018-19.

Local authorities up and down the land are facing financial pressures.

The budget report says: "The council, in conjunction with its partnership agencies, will undertake a major review of early help provision for vulnerable children and their families. The partnership will explore opportunities to share services and avoid duplication and reduce costs." This would save £300,000.

Teenagers' services are likely to lose £240,000 while special educational needs and disabilities' services face a £389,000 reduction - but the budget report states Government grants would help fund the latter.

Economy, transport and environment

The council aims to cut a total of £2,865,000 from the economy, transport and environment department over the next year.

Local authorities up and down the land are facing financial pressures.

School crossing patrol services are to be reviewed again in a bid to save £300,000. "The council will work with schools and communities to look for alternative sources of funding," according to the budget report.

Existing gritting routes may be reviewed as part of a plan to save £500,000 in winter maintenance. The budget report says: "The council will save money through reducing the cost of vehicles and other overheads."

The budget report states there will be a £400,000 cut in road safety activity but the council will 'continue to work with partners to improve road safety'.

Commissioning, communities and policy

The commissioning, communities and policy department faces losing a total of £1,515,000 during 2018-19.

It is planned that £490,000 will be saved through a reduction in property running costs and maintenance. According to the budget report: "This will lead to a move to reactive rather than planned maintenance and an overall deterioration in the condition of council buildings, such as offices, libraries, homes for older people and children’s centres."

According to the budget report, the council aims to save £420,000 by employing fewer people in communications, IT, HR, finance, property, policy, trading standards, legal and democratic services and health and community services. "This will be achieved by not replacing people who leave and by carrying out restructuring to make the most of its reducing resources,” the budget report says.