House party drug dealer arrested

A DRUG dealer was arrested after a neighbour complained about noise from a house party, Chesterfield magistrates heard.

Police were called regarding a disturbance at Wallsend Cottages, in Newbold, and they noticed a strong smell of cannabis at the property.

Fernando Rodrigues, prosecuting, said: “There were people in the garden and the defendant threw a bag to the ground and tried to run away but he was tripped up by an officer and detained.”

Marcus Bethune had discarded five bags containing a total of 50 BZP and TFMPP tablets – drugs which combine to mimic the effects of Ecstasy.

Bethune’s home was then searched and 23 bags each containing £20 worth of cannabis were seized, together with a “dealer list” and a set of scales, said Mr Rodrigues.

He added: “He says it was small-scale social supply to friends but the Crown does not accept this. It was fake Ecstasy so why would he sell that to friends?”

Bethune, 27, of Eastmoor Road, Brimington, admitted two charges of possessing drugs with intent to supply last August 16.

The justices decided their sentencing powers were insufficient and committed him to be dealt with by a judge at Derby Crown Court on May 4. He was granted unconditional bail.

“He says the tablets were not fake. They were an alternative to Ecstasy, and he was selling them on that basis.

“It was social supply to friends at a party and, from home, he was supplying cannabis to friends,” said Felicity Clarke, for Bethune.