Hospital video highlights blood clot dangers

Chesterfield Royal Hospital general view
Chesterfield Royal Hospital general view

Chesterfield Royal Hospital has produced a video as part of efforts to get behind a national campaign to help raise awareness of potentially deadly blood clots.

The video has premiered on YouTube and features members of the pharmacy team chasing a blood clot around the corridors of the hospital finally catching it before it does any harm.

The footage was the brainchild of Anna Braithwaite, principal pharmacist and VTE prevention lead.

She said: “Although the video is intended to be funny there is a very serious message behind it and that is that an estimated 25,000 people die from hospital acquired blood clots in England each year.

“That’s more than 25 times the number who die from MRSA. The fact that hospital acquired blood clots are largely preventable makes these figures even more alarming.”

All patients over 18 years old coming into hospital need to have their risks of developing a blood clot assessed and appropriate measures taken.

Anna added: “Various factors increase the risk of getting a blood clot. These include reduction in mobility which can cause sluggish circulation, dehydration which can cause changes in blood composition and being very poorly, having surgery or giving birth.

“These risks continue after discharge home. Patients can help reduce their risk by keeping as mobile as possible, drinking a reasonable amount of water and avoiding long journeys.”

The national awareness campaign is being organised by the national thrombosis charity Lifeblood and runs from the May 8 – 14.

The Royal has an excellent track record when it comes to blood clot prevention and was one of the first acute trusts to be awarded VTE Exemplar status – a kite mark of excellence awarded in recognition of work done in the hospital to prevent blood clots.

The Trust has also achieved its 90per cent target rate for patient risk assessment completion for the first quarter of the year.

The awareness week will begin on May 8 and you can watch the video on the hospital’s YouTube channel at to learn more.