Hospital hygiene is in good hands

Chesterfield Royal Hospital general view
Chesterfield Royal Hospital general view

HYGIENE chiefs are bringing in a crackdown at Chesterfield Royal with a new cleaning campaign.

Hand-washing habits are set to come under the spotlight with the new hand hygiene campaign ‘Be Seen to Be Clean’ from October 15 to get staff, patients and visitors demonstrating they have clean hands by using the new hand hygiene stations that have been installed on corridors and at ward and clinic entrances.

Encased in bright red, with red floors, ceiling, flashing lights and voiceovers to boot, the stations are designed to make sure everyone takes responsibility for preventing the spread of infection.

Chief executive Gavin Boyle said: “The Royal has some of the lowest hospital acquired infection rates in the country and we want to keep it that way. We want all our staff to set a good example and we hope patients will feel confident to ask those who are caring for them if their hands are clean. It’s about working together to protect the hospital.”

Chief Nurse, Alfonzo Tramontano says: “We’re renowned as a clean hospital and we’re proud of our cleanliness standards. With the onset of winter – and infections such as the winter vomitting bug Norovirus and seasonal flu starting to appear - this new campaign is going the extra mile.

“It aims to make clean hands a habit, especially when we go in and out of clinical areas. You can’t miss our hand hygiene stations and we’ve noticed that they are definitely being put to good use.”