Home-help jailed for blackmail

Irene Slater
Irene Slater

A home-help jailed for blackmail and cheating two elderly victims out thousands of pounds has been ordered to pay back more than £130,000.

Irene Slater, 61, of Southfields, Clowne, was jailed for 42 months at Derby Crown Court on April 13 for a number of blackmail and fraud offences.

At a hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) on Wednesday, August 8 Slater was ordered to pay £126,391 in compensation to her victims and a further £5,271 was confiscated by the court.

The case against Slater came to police attention in March 2011 when a bank manager became suspicious about large amounts of money being given to Slater by an elderly man who was a customer at the bank.

Slater took tens of thousands of pounds from the 86-year-old man over a five year period which she spent on designer handbags and luxury holidays.

Slater also took almost £30,000 from a 71-year-old woman between 2008 and 2009 after blackmailing her.

Slater had cared from the woman’s husband and the victim had confided in Slater. Following the death of the victim’s husband in 2008 Slater used the information to blackmail the woman.

At the POCA hearing at Derby Crown Court it was declared that Slater’s benefit from her criminality was £131,662.

Slater must pay compensation of £97,391 to the 86-year-old man and £29,000 to the 71-year-old woman.

She has six months to pay back the money or faces a further 12 months in prison.

The Proceeds of Crime Act means that anyone who profits from crime can lose the financial and lifestyle gains they have enjoyed.