HOLYMOORSIDE/WALTON: Footpaths upgrade on parish council radar



Members of Holymoorside & Walton Parish Council met for their April meeting at the Village Hall, Holymoorside, which was chaired by Cllr Martin Thacker.

Correspondence relating to the upgrade of existing footpaths within the parish was considered. It was noted that the application had been withdrawn but was to be re-submitted imminently and, when it was, councillors resolved to submit a response noting their concern over the safety of the ‘north –east boundary stone’ on junction of footpaths 31 & 32 adjacent the footbridge, potential future urbanisation and building adjacent this path and that the path is for walkers and pedal bicycles only and not for any type of motorised vehicles.

Members discussed correspondence from Chesterfield & North East Derbyshire froup of the Ramblers, an invite to attend a forthcoming seminar at DCC and received a report in relation to the recent NEDDC recent district/parish liaison meeting.

Updates from the clerk included the letting of the recreation ground for a football training group, PPL & PRS licences in place at the village hall and the damage to a grit bin and the subsequent action taken.

A report was considered following the recent gas checks at the hall and members are to receive further information before a decision is made on the provision of new kitchen equipment. Correspondence from Holymoorside Tennis Club and Holymoorside Tiger Tots were considered and the clerk was instructed to gain quotations for the work requested from both groups.

Councillors discussed ‘Derbyshire Lives through the World Wars’ and agreed that a commemorative event, possibly to be held on August 23, 2014, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Mons, seemed appropriate with the reading of war poems and a military band in attendance. This matter will be investigated further.

Information was received from Derbyshire County Council noting the very slight increase of fees for the maintenance of the recreation ground for 2013-2014, which was accepted. Members were pleased to note that they are to receive 100% business rate relief for the forthcoming year.

The next meeting of the parish council will be held on Tuesday, May 7, 2013, at 7.30pm in the committee room at the village hall, Holymoorside.