HOLYMOORSIDE: Resident raises concern over Post Office service

Members of Holymoorside & Walton Parish Council met for their full meeting at Holymoorside village hall. Councillors in attendance were; Martin Thacker (in the chair), Audrey Broderick, Dean Corbridge, Ann Grinbergs, Diana Hinchliffe, Patricia Maskrey, Paul Truscott, Norman Wragg & Clerk Kate Brailsford and one member of the public.

Under public participation, a resident expressed their concerns, which were shared by the parish council, in relation to the reliability of the Post Office service run from the village hall. This matter will be discussed further at the November agenda.

Cllr Thacker, reported as the parish’s NEDDC councillor, in relation to a recent article in the local press which indicated that the strategic alliance between North East Derbyshire District Council and Bolsover District Council had agreed to reduce the size of their residential bins. He noted that this matter had not been discussed and approved at a NEDDC full council meeting and that BDC had denied any part in a press release on the matter.

Members resolved the various recommendations from the recent sports and leisure committee meeting including repairs to the tennis court fencing, the purchase of a new net and that the council will seek tenders for the resurfacing of the courts.

The organisation of the forthcoming Halloween disco on Saturday, October 26, at Holymoorside village hall was finalised and the risk assessment agreed.

Members also received a new copy of The Good Councillors Guide, noted information in relation to the allotment site and agreed on the purchase of new allotment awards for future years.

It was reported that following the H&S review of caretakers’ duties. procedures have been enhanced by the purchase of a mechanical grit spreader at a cost of £76.02.

Councillors also noted information relating to local council tax support schemes, possible capping and the potential repercussions on the council’s precept and that if further information is not received shortly it may impact on the council’s finance meeting.

They also decided on the provision of a suitable device to fix the dustbin to ensure it could not be moved unnecessarily, to upgrade the electricity supply to the Christmas tree and to maintenance work required at the village hall and changing rooms.

The annual insurance schedule was approved, as was the agreement of a new three-year contract with the current provider.

Correspondence included an invite for the chairman and consort to attend a Holymoorside and Walton Arts Festival Society presentation on Saturday, October 12. There was information from the Village Games co-ordinator for NE Derbyshire who is looking into possible provision across the district to which the council would respond by noting that research in the past indicated a need to provide activities for primary aged children.

The next meeting of the parish council will be held on Tuesday, November 5, at 7.30pm at Holymoorside village hall.