HOLYMOORSIDE: Parish hall bookings in council’s spotlight


Members of Holymoorside & Walton Parish Council held their annual meeting on May 7, at the Village Hall, Holymoorside, which was chaired by Cllr Martin Thacker.

Cllr Thacker was re-elected as chairman of the parish council and Cllr Broderick was elected vice-chairman. Positions on the various committees were resolved, as was the appointment of councillors to outside bodies.

Members received an update from re-elected Derbyshire county councillor Stuart Ellis.

Following the recent gas checks at the village hall, members resolved to replace the existing gas cooker with a new electric one at a cost not to exceed £600, including the provision of a new power supply to the kitchen and the safe capping off the gas supply in the kitchen.

It was noted that the clerk had made preliminary investigations as to the cost of re-painting the tennis courts and that it was likely to be in the region of £4000. Members noted that Holymoorside Tennis Club had been informed and that clarification had been sought from them as to whether they were happy with this amount being deducted from the sinking fund for the eventual resurfacing of the courts. It was noted that a response had not yet been received so no further action could be taken at this point.

Members considered the quotations received for the provision of a new storage unit in the changing rooms, which is needed to replace the dilapidated units currently used by Holymoorside Tiger Tots. Two similar quotations of just under £600 had been received and it was resolved to appoint the contractor who had previously carried out work for the council, which the council had been happy with.

Members considered concerns raised by the administration assistant in relation to the rise in the number of people apparently living out of the parish but getting friends or relatives in the parish to book their event for them, which resulted in a significantly cheaper rate. It was noted that she would compile a report for the council including in and out of parish bookings and suggest how the booking fees could be streamlined without compromising the income from the hall.

The next meeting of the parish council will be held on Tuesday, June 4, at 7.30pm in Holymoorside village hall.