HOLYMOORSIDE: Inspector outlines policing priorities to parish councillors



Members of Holymoorside & Walton Parish Council met for their full meeting in February, at the Village Hall, Holymoorside, Chesterfield, and in attendance were councillors; Martin Thacker (in the chair), Audrey Broderick, Dean Corbridge, Ann Grinbergs, Diana Hinchliffe, Pat Maskrey, Jeff Swallow, Paul Truscott, Norman Wragg, Clerk Kate Brailsford and two Police representatives, Inspector Hoggard and PCSO Coates.

Under public participation members were pleased to welcome Inspector Hoggard, who introduced himself, outlined his priorities and confirmed his commitment to any concerns and problems within the parish and PCSO Coates, who informed the meeting of the recent crime figures. Both were thanked for taking time to attend the council meeting.

Following the normal order of business, which included planning matters, declarations of interests and resolution of previous minutes from various meetings, members were pleased to note that a full band had been booked for their forthcoming summer event, ‘Afternoon at the Proms’.

Members were pleased to note that both nominees of the Pride of Parish Awards 2013 had indicated their willingness to accept the awards, which will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Parish on 21st May 2013. This year the meeting will also incorporate a showing of Holymoorside History Society’s film ‘Portrait of a Village’ film from 1977, a fascinating history of Holymoorside village.

Correspondence considered included a request from the bowling club for the gates to be opened in March, invites from NEDDC to attend both a planning seminar and the next district/parish liaison meeting and a request from a resident asking for the provision of public toilets in Holymoorside. The provision of public toilets was discussed and councillors agreed that the public toilets, which used to be provided in the changing rooms, were closed due to constant vandalism and, nationwide, public toilets were being shut down due to the cost implication for providing these facilities.

Information was received titled ‘Derbyshire Lives through the World Wars’ was considered and members noted that they would like to investigate this further and the clerk was tasked with finding out more information.

All financial matters were considered in depth, cheques signed and bank balances confirmed. Information was received from the bowling contractor noting that maintenance of the green would increase by £20 per month from the April 1, 2013.

The next meeting of the parish council will be held on Tuesday, April 16, at 7.30pm, in the committee room at the village hall, Holymoorside.