Here's how Derbyshire firm could solve UK pothole problem - using drones fitted with 3D printers!

The drone system being tested
The drone system being tested

A Derbyshire firm is pioneering ground-breaking technology which could see drones fitted with 3D printers solving the UK's pothole problem

Print-Rite Europe, which is based in Langley Mill, designed and manufactured the Colido 3D printer, which experts at Leeds University of Leeds have attached to a drone capable of finding cracks in roads and repairing them using an asphalt 3D printing nozzle.

This will prevent cracks from developing into potholes.

The platform is to be developed further to help repair potholes as well as perform preventive maintenance on cracks.

Dr Bilal Kaddouh of Leeds University, said: “The printer has performed well so far, better than we expected actually, and has certainly helped in proving the concept.”