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Wendy Spencer said: “It needs to be made clear that the threat made by the council of people’s council tax going up 35 per cent is not actually as it seems. Correct me if I’m wrong, it would go up 35 per cent of the DDDC part which amounts to about £10 per year.”

Lisa Mctighe said: “If the council want new developments we need to increase footfall in our town to encourage “anchor or high end stores” to come. If we are chasing our residents out into neighbouring towns – how are we encouraging future developments?”

Jonathan Shepherd said: “I’d be much happier if the council pledged to act on traders concerns – rather than just listening.”

Alice Lockett said: “I wonder how many people would think a £10 hike in council tax would be worth it to keep parking prices as they are? Maybe none but we haven’t had that option explained to us unfortunately.”

Christopher Booth said: “A lot of people already go to Amber Valley for cheaper parking, putting up charges will increase this.”