Help shape the future of our town

May I through your letters page appeal to all those residents of Darley Dale who care about the future development of the town to help the Town Council produce a Development Plan for the Town?

There is a lot of pressure from the planning authorities and others to develop green fields in Darley Dale, and the Town Council is concerned that if this is not controlled it will get out of hand.

The Town Council is hoping to produce a Development Plan, and it needs the help of interested residents in shaping that plan.

If you could spare a little of your time to help, please come and hear a short presentation and a discussion at the next Town Council meeting (at the Whitworth Centre) on Thursday 20 December at 7pm.

Even if you can’t help, it would be good for you to come to the meeting so that you know what is being done on your behalf.

Cllr John Evans

Darley Dale