“Help me find my long-lost twin sisters”

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A woman wants to track down her twin sisters who were adopted almost six decades ago – just weeks ahead of their 60th birthdays.

Sandra Hart, whose maiden name is Moore, was one of three girls born to a single mum in Chesterfield in the 1950s.

Sandra and twins Wendy and Linda, were cared for my their grandma while their mum (NAME) went out to work.

But after their grandma had a nervous breakdown, their mother decided to put the twins up for adoption.

Sandra, who now lives in Ferring in West Sussex, said: “I had a long conversation with my mum later in life.

“She said she felt it was the only thing she could do, and that she thought they would have a better life with someone else.

“The day they were adopted is my earliest memory. I was three, and I can remember it so clearly. I remember the big gates and the furniture. I knew something was very wrong.”

She added: “I was told they were adopted together by a couple in Sheffield. He worked as manager in steel, but that is all I know.” The pair will turn 60 on August 16, and Sandra hopes this milestone will encourage them to look for her, if they know she exists.

“I have signed up with the government register, and they aren’t on there so they aren’t looking for me.

“To see them would just be incredible. I would be so ecstatic that I have found them. I have three grandsons, and they have nephews out there who they haven’t met yet.”

As well as searching online, Sandra applied to be on the second series of ITV’s Long Lost Family, alongside 10,000 others. She got through to the phone stage of interviews, but wasn’t selected because she doesn’t have any photographs of her sisters.