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WE’RE launching the second Derbyshire Times Pride Awards, to celebrate the real community heroes in Chesterfield.

The awards will highlight the tireless and selfless work carried out by individuals as well as showcase excellence in sport and education, acts of bravery or people who go the extra mile to raise money for others

You can nominate someone for any type of work they carry out such as fundraising, helping the disabled and vulnerable and caring for an elderly neighbour.

Last year’s inaugural awards were a huge success and the unsung heroes who were recognised for their extraordinary achievements included:

Audrie Fielding, who collected the inspiring personality award for her tireless efforts as chair of the North Derbyshire Stroke Support Group.

Scaffolder Martyn Oliver won the lifesavers and rescuers category for risking his own life to enter a burning building and save a mother and her two young children.

The Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research Group was presented with the fundraiser of the year award.

So, who will follow in their footsteps this year?

Details of the ten categories and their sponsors can be found below.

The winners will be announced at a special ceremony on April 21, at Chesterfield FC’s B2Net stadium.

To nominate an individual or organisation, send your entries to Pride of Chesterfield, Promotions Department, Derbyshire Times, Station Road, Chesterfield, S41 7XD or email

If you would like to sponsor an awards category, contact Nicky Fisher on 01246 40623.

The categories are:

Sporting Achievement

Sponsored by Chesterfield FC

This award recognises individuals who have proved outstanding achievement in a specific sporting field. Not only does it recognise sporting skill but also recognises drive, ambition, and determination even through the face of adversity.

The award will be made to an individual who demonstrates exceptional sporting talent and determination.

Child of Courage – Sponsored by

Banner Jones Solicitors

We are looking for a child who has shown exceptional courage in their life.

They may have overcome great odds or made sacrifices above and beyond the call of duty. The nominee may have shown courage in dealing with an illness or battling through a traumatic experience.

Judges want to see strong evidence of this individual showing great character and fortitude in their life. Category is open to any child aged 16 or under.

Teacher / Lecturer of the Year - Sponsored By– Chesterfield College

Our award will be given to the teacher who has gone beyond the call of duty to help a student or class realise their potential.

This could be for an individual who is inspirational, captivating and who has made lessons interesting and innovative.

It could also be for a teacher, who in their own time has helped a student through trauma, nurtured them back on to the learning path or just been there for them in times of needs.

Rescuers / Lifesavers

The search is underway for inspiring stories about men, women or crews who have saved the life of another in remarkable or difficult circumstances.

We are seeking individuals or crews who embody the spirit of all those unsung heroes who work within the emergency services.

Equally, we are looking for members of the public who have shown outstanding courage or initiative when confronted with a life-threatening emergency. The category is open to all individuals or crew of any age or ability.

Community Carer

This award recognises individuals/groups working at the heart of communities to deliver improvements and change with lasting benefits.

The judges are looking for individuals/groups which have tackled anti-social behaviour, invested in community facilities, created community groups, developed integrated communities and improve aesthetic appeal.

Neighbour of the Year

A neighbour who may have been a good friend and who has supported you and/or family, or who you think has made a significant contribution to your neighbourhood.

This person may be someone who has cared for you, a friend or family member.

The award will be made to an individual of whom it can be demonstrated that they have made a significant contribution within their neighbourhood and who has supported and cared for a neighbour.

Fundraiser of the Year Sponsored by Heatguard Windows

This award recognises individuals/groups that by their hard work and dedication have made a difference to a charity or cause. The judges are looking for individuals/groups who have demonstrated continued commitment to a charity or individual through fundraising support, successfully managed or helped to co-ordinate fundraising activities, used initiative to maximise impact of fundraising campaign and given their own time and effort to help out a good cause

Student of the Year

This award recognises individuals who have achieved success in the education system.

The judges are looking for individuals who have achieved results that many thought previously unachievable.

It can be from achieving excellent grades at school, sixth form or University, overcoming learning difficulties through the education process, through to doing a further education course later in life just because they wanted to! It’s the journey we are looking for!

Community Group

This award will go to a group of people (two or more) that have made their community a better place to live.

They may have introduced regular pro-active meetings, set up a local newsletter or been part of a neighbourhood watch.

Entries should include all details, activities, and show any results of what their group has achieved.

Inspiring Personality

(Individual) of the Year

This award recognises, encourages and rewards people who not only make a difference in the community, but inspire and instil confidence in others to take part in community life and contribute to a better future for everyone.

The award will be made to an individual who demonstrates they have made a significant contribution within their community, business, educational establishment, voluntary organisation, and inspired others to do the same.