HEATH: Parish collections for Christian Aid net more than £1,100

Heath Parochial Church Council’s meetng began with a short study of the Bible reading from Acts 2 telling of the coming of the Holy Spirit and led by Will Nightingale.

The agenda included news and notices and the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting.

It was reported that the prayer circle was being used effectively and members were encouraged to text in prayer requests for circulation around.

The main item of the meeting was the final review of the current Mission Action Plan. This end of year review has revealed the huge number and variety of activities that have taken place in this last year. The focus for the next year continues to be in developing a church that is open and accessible, warm and welcoming to everyone.

The Let’s Connect project reported on plans for a teddy bears picnic that is open to all, in St Albans on Friday, May 31, and a children’s holiday club in August.

It was reported that over £1,100 was collected in the parish for the Christian Aid week appeal.

Seats are available on the coach to St Albans Cathedral on Saturday 22 June and everyone was encouraged to make their booking.