Heartless thieves snatch child’s bed

NDET 24-9-12 RKH 11 Erin and Shelley Flynn with what remains of the stolen bed.
NDET 24-9-12 RKH 11 Erin and Shelley Flynn with what remains of the stolen bed.

A FURIOUS mum was horrified when she returned home from picking up her six year-old daughter from school to discover the youngster’s bed had been stolen from their garden.

Shelley Flynn, of Chesterfield Road, Staveley, had left the bed frame in her back garden while clearing out her home on Thursday, September 20, in preparation for a possible move to a new property.

But when she came back from her daughter Erin’s school about 3.30pm she discovered thieves had got into her back garden and are believed to have fled with the bed via a rear exit leading to St John’s Road.

She said: “I’m so angry and my Erin has been left very scared that someone has just walked into our garden and snatched this metal bed frame.

“A neighbour spotted the bed being taken up the garden and on to St John’s Road and he believes it may have been stolen for the value of the metal.

“The bed frame was clearly on my property and inside my the garden and had not been left out for a scrap collection.”

The single mother-of-two, who is poorly with Chromes Disease and dependant on benefits, told how the triple-sleeper bed which has double base below a single bunk originally cost her £350.

Ms Flynn also told how her daughter has been forced to sleep on a camp bed in the meantime and she is eager to hear from anyone who may know of any charity which may donate a single bed frame.

She added: “If anyone can help by donating a bed or providing me with contact details of any charity that may be able to help replace the stolen bed for my daughter I would really like to hear from them.”

Police have launched an investigation in an effort to track down the offenders and are appealing for witnesses to call them on 101 or to call Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555 111. Those with information which may help Ms Flynn find a replacement bed can call her on 07534 305709.