We’re living longer: data

sp91066  People in town
sp91066 People in town

PEOPLE in Chesterfield are living longer than they were a decade ago, according to new health figures.

On average men reach 77.1 years old and women 82.7 – both slightly lower than the national average – said the Association of Public Health Observatories report.

The ‘snapshot’ of health also shows early deaths from cancer, heart disease and stroke have fallen.

But the number of adult smokers at 23.3 per cent, and 16 per cent of women smoking during pregnancy, is above average while diabetes and obesity also continue to be a challenge.

Health chiefs will now use the data to decide where improvements can be made.

Dr Bruce Laurence, acting director of public health, said: “Every day we are challenged to use our skills and resources to make a real difference to the lives of thousands of people living in and around Chesterfield.

“These summaries provide us with an invaluable snapshot of the health of people in Chesterfield and we are pleased to have made improvements in changing people’s lives for the better.

“There is no room for complacency and we will carry on working with partners to tackle key emerging issues including diabetes, obesity, alcohol misuse and the impacts of social deprivation on health.”

The report also showed that:

• In Chesterfield’s poorest communities life expectancy is 8.4 years lower for men and 4.8 years less for women than in the least deprived areas

• The rate of hospital stays for alcohol related harm is higher than average

• Improvements have been made in children’s fitness levels with 57.6 per cent of pupils spending at least three hours a week on school sport, above the national average.

However 18. 4 per cent of year six children are classed as obese

• Under-18 teenage pregnancy rates are above the national average

Debate about the report took place on our Facebook fan page.

Craig Twelves said: “Well my grandad is 81 so he is doing alright!” Craig Steele added: “My grandma lived until she was 89 years old, and my grandad died shortly after his 90th birthday. They did around 12 years ago, but still made good ages.”

Lezette Haribo-Gregory said: “My nan is 82 and still going strong and my fella’s nan is 92 and does not sit still.”

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