Teenager returns to school after life-saving brain surgery at Sheffield hospital

Jamie Glossop
Jamie Glossop

A teenage boy has returned to school after surviving a virus which attacked his brain - thanks to The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield.

Jamie Glossop, aged 16, is back in lessons at Eckington School hoping to complete his GCSEs after his studies were put on hold for nine months while he recovered from his illness.

Jamie Glossop underwent brain surgery

Jamie Glossop underwent brain surgery

He became unwell with flu-like symptoms over the Christmas holidays last year, with doctors putting it down to a winter virus.

But when his symptoms became more severe and he lost the sense of feeling in one of his hands he was admitted to The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield and underwent emergency brain surgery within an hour.

Tests revealed he had contracted a virus which was infecting his brain.

Jamie, from Chesterfield, spent four weeks in critical care and another nine months undergoing rehabilitation at home.

His mum Vicky said she is delighted her son is strong enough to return to school and start living again.

“The four weeks Jamie was in hospital were agonising,” she said.

“His head and eyes were so swollen it looked as if he’d gone ten rounds in a boxing match.

“When Jamie was eventually allowed home, we insisted on making up for lost time and he is now doing very well and is excited to continue his GCSEs.

“Jamie still has a way to go and regularly visits the hospital as an outpatient, but it is nowhere near as stressful. Knowing that he is well enough to go back to school full time is a huge relief to us and we can’t wait for things to return to normal.”

She has thanked The Sick Children’s Trust charity, which enabled her and her family to stay in accommodation, free of charge, close to Jamie during his time at hospital.

The charity runs two ‘homes from home’ in Sheffield for families who do not live close to The Children’s Hospital.

“Unless you’ve ever been in a similar situation, you don’t know how much we take the smaller things in life for granted. Being able to cook our own meals, have clean clothes and even have a shower everyday was what made the houses a Godsend,” said Vicky.

“I do believe that because Jamie had us literally two minutes away it helped his recovery.”

The Sick Children’s Trust has 10 properties across the UK.

Visit www.sickchildrenstrust.org