Open air gym sessions planned for Dronfield

Steve Cam and Nicola Gleadall at Woodlands, Dronfield
Steve Cam and Nicola Gleadall at Woodlands, Dronfield

The tranquil surrounds of Dronfield’s Sindelfingen Park will be transformed into an exercise bootcamp a week tomorrow (9.30am.)

Woodlands Fitness Centre has launched an outdoor class designed for maximum calorie-burn in the shortest time. Steve Cam, personal trainer, will run the sessions. He said: “There’s nothing quite like exercising outdoors in the Derbyshire fresh air with a like-minded people who want to get fit. Our Bootcamp classes will challenge the mind, push the body and make fitness fun. There will be a variety of different group exercises to improve strength and stamina.

“The classes are open to people of all abilities. We want to encourage everyone regardless of age, gender, size or fitness levels, to become more physically active. While I can’t promise it’ll be easy, it’ll be a great way to shape up, put a smile on your face and meet new people.”

Nicola Gleadall, leader of the ‘Woodlands Community’ programme added: “All you need is a good pair of trainers, a towel and a drink.”

Woodlands Bootcamp starts on Saturday 19 September in Sindelfingen Park at 9.30am. Cost per session is £3.50 per person.

For more information, call: 01246 290040.