Make a pledge to improve the NHS

Thousands of people are getting behind an NHS campaign by pledging ways to help improve the service.

The second annual NHS Change Day calls on staff, patients and the public to pledge to do one thing to make a positive difference to patient care.

Last year, NHS staff in the East Midlands made 3104 pledges – and as the countdown to the big day on March 3 continues, the campaign team are urging people to sign up to do more this year.

Maria Davison, an NHS nursing sister, had pledged to increase dementia awareness in the workplace. She said:

“Being involved in NHS Change Day is inspiring. You don’t need anyone’s permission. Just think of something you’d like to see done better, make a promise to yourself to do something about it and do it.

“Pledges can be big or small, serious or fun – just as long as you think your pledge will make a positive difference to someone. A simple smile has the power to change how someone remembers a conversation, an appointment or even a whole day.”

In Derbyshire, over 100 pledges have been made to the online ‘pledge wall’ on the campaign’s website.

Joan Pons Laplana from Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust, said: “I pledge to continue to challenge and encourage reviews of adult hospital ward visiting hours and make it more friendly with patients and family.”

Another, Donna Clements from the same trust pledged to give positive work related feedback to at least one person a day.

Campaign bosses commissioned research that found 85 per cent of people admit they could make the NHS better by not missing scheduled appointments, while 41 per cent said they should keep themselves healthy.

To find out more or make your own pledge, visit