Lecturer is a super slimmer

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A LECTURER who shed nine stone – because she was embarrassed to teach students about exercise while overweight – has been named the Rosemary Conley Online Slimmer of the Year.

Alison Purvis-Gisborne, from Dronfield, dropped from 20 stone to under 11 stone in just 14 months on the weight loss plan, after discovering her blood pressure was dangerously high.

The 36-year-old sports physiology lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, said: “Weighing 20 stone and lecturing others on how the human body responds to exercise made me feel embarrassed.”

Due to her profession, which involves teaching 300 students how exercise benefits the body, Alison also knew the serious implications her weight had on her health.

“I was horrified to discover how high my blood pressure was and realised I had to change to protect my health before it was too late, “ she said.

“That early grave seemed a whole lot closer but I was given the chance to reduce it through weight loss rather than medication.”

Before embarking on the regime, Alison loved ice cream, biscuits and pizza and wore a dress size 24.

Now, she wears a size 12, trains five times a week and has signed up for the London Marathon.

“My blood pressure is now at a healthy level but the biggest reward is knowing I now practise what I preach to my students, who now tell me how fantastic I look,” she said.

Alison and other winners from around the country were presented with awards and £1,000 in cash from Rosemary Conley at a ceremony held at the London Marriott County Hall Hotel.


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