Chesterfield teenager hears properly for first time after life-changing surgery in Sheffield

Jack Scollick can hear after being born deaf
Jack Scollick can hear after being born deaf

A teenager born with just 20 per cent hearing has heard properly for the first time thanks to surgeons at The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield.

Jack Scollick, aged 14, who has Down Syndrome and was born with a hole in the heart, was given just days to live when he was born.

But despite his health problems he has amazed medics with his progress and in December last year received NHS funding to have a specialist hearing aid implanted in his ear, which uses the bone to conduct sound and his hearing has now gone from 20 per cent to 85 per cent.

His lack of hearing had affected his speech but the teenager is now talking more following the successful operation.

He and his family are so impressed they have raised more than £6,000 for The Children’s Hospital Charity to say thank you for his care.

They held a band tribute night to raise the cash.

Jack’s dad, Kevin, from Chesterfield, said: “It was a brilliant night. We were so lucky that the acts gave their services free of charge, so everything we made on the night went straight to the hospital charity.

“We can’t thank the hospital enough for everything they have done for Jack.”

He added: “Despite his health complications, Jack is a sociable lad and he goes to mainstream school. But he had difficulty communicating because people have a hard time understanding what he is saying.

“He is certainly talking a lot more. We now need to spend some time with him working on his speech to try and get that more pronounced. But the treatment has been absolutely fantastic.

“He was sociable before, but it has definitely made him more sociable and confident interacting.”

The money raised by Jack’s family will be used to help meet the cost of building a new wing at The Children’s Hospital, which is due to open next year.