CHESTERFIELD: Mum gears up for run after cancer battle

A COURAGEOUS mum who has survived cancer a staggering three times has spoken of how ‘lucky’ she is to be alive.

Joanne Lockley overcame a rare sarcoma and breast cancer only to find a third lump in a decade-long battle with the disease.

NDET 27-2-13 MC 2'Joanne Lockley running Dronfield 10k

NDET 27-2-13 MC 2'Joanne Lockley running Dronfield 10k

North Wingfield 40-year-old Joanne, now in remission again, is gearing up for a charity run to help other patients.

She said: “It still amazes me, to this day, that I am here. I’m very lucky.

“It was really devastating. To be diagnosed with cancer once you think ‘oh dear’ but when it was the second and third time you think what have I done to deserve this?

“But then there are people who are worse off, who can’t get better.

“I was quite fortunate to get better.”

Singer Joanne - who played Marilyn Monroe in a theatre show – found a lump on her right leg when she was 29 and the sarcoma was removed.

But only three months later, doctors found a small lump on her right breast.

She battled through gruelling chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone treatment for five years.

Joanne ‘lived every day like it was my last’ and became manager of the Elese Fitness Centre, Bolsover, where she met partner Robb.

Yet her happiness was interrupted again by the discovery of a secondary cancer lump on the scar under her arm in 2010.

It was removed along with all lymph nodes from the arm.

Mum-of-one Joanne has volunteered at hospital clinics where young women are diagnosed with cancer.

She is also running the Dronfield 10K, with Robb and 14 Elese gym members, in March to boost MacMillan Cancer Support and help other cancer patients.

The charity helped her massively with worries such as paying bills, travelling to hospital and taking time off work.

Joanne, who has vowed to give something back to MacMillan added: “Another reason for wanting to do it was when young women are diagnosed, the only thing you think of is death.

“I want to show that if you keep positive, look after yourself and make the best of every day who is to say you won’t outlive everyone?

“I am by no means a runner but I never gave up during what happened and whether I run, walk or crawl I will get to that finish line.”